Sculptures by Hassan LAAMIRAT in recycled metal, scrap metal, metal upcycling

Jean-Yves and Hassan LAAMIRAT

Hassan LAAMIRAT is a Moroccan sculptor who besides his talent is a warm and enthusiastic man; Handicapped since childhood following a disease, he grew up with a wheelchair that we don’t even pay attention to when we meet him and when we see him moving from one work to another because his success is growing, he now works with a dozen assistant ironworkers.

Il dessine lui-même chaque modèle et supervise tous les détails et intervient lui-même avec le chalumeau sur toutes ses œuvres

He himself draws each model and supervises all the details and intervenes himself with a soldering iron tip and a blowtorch on all his works.

He mainly uses recycled metal parts that some guys are picking up for him every week in the scrap metal district of Marrakech. These are essentially mechanical parts of bicycles, motorcycles, cars and old tools, he use works pinions, chains, tool keys, locks, bearings, springs, bolts and nuts, ventilation grates, spark plugs and even shock absorbers, tank parts or gas cylinders.

He alone can grasp the essence, movement and spirit of each of the animals he realizes, and each work is unique; the use of small pieces of metal requires considerable work but allows him to work the details to express with great sensitivity as the head position of a horse for example.

These works are really upcycling, the assembly of scrap and mechanical parts giving a new life to these wastes by sublimating the sculpture of an animal; Hassan is therefore what can be called an «eco-creator».

Hassan shows us how human imagination and creativity allow us to create real works of art from recycled waste.

All these initial works were full-scale representations of animals. But following many requests, he agrees to create for example small horses. His busts of woman and man have an incredible success as they are very affordable.

His universe has expanded to representations of prehistoric animals or aliens and robots all from science fiction films or comics.


All the sculptures are protected against the weather and the dust, are covered with a transparent varnish; They are very stable because only welded (except for the wings of the Pegasus horses which are bolted and disassembled because otherwise the sculpture would be not-transportable).


Contact us for the price by informing us of your city and country, and we will draw up a quote including the delivery costs. The works are sent each month by container to our warehouses in France and then the delivery costs for European countries are very reasonable.

We deliver ourselves in Europe with our truck and driver and we ship worldwide with consolidated sea freight in fitted wooden boxes in our workshops.

Each piece is sold with a certificate of authenticity.


Hassan is a true artist, he likes to create and make works on demand. Submit your project to us with a photo if possible and we will respond quickly on feasibility and price. Below photo of a mare and her foal recently delivered in Andorra on special order.